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ShopAQI.com was a site owned by Aliquantum International. I was brought on to realize a design initiated more than a year before by international developers.

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WordPress, Frontend Development, UI Design

Tools Used

WordPress, HTML, CSS, Divi

Site on a short timeline

International developers had been working on the site for over a year. Looking at the code, I saw numerous issues. I presented two options: correctly develop the site that they had started or customize a theme and get it up and running in much less time. The client decided to have get this site up and running quickly while developing their more customized site and launching that one at a later date.

Upon looking at the code, the developers had customized WordPress’s Twenty-Sixteen theme. But they did several things wrong. Un-doing the issues would take much too long.

Many pages were entirely static HTML, failing to harness even 25% of WordPress’ ability to be a true content management system. As a result, changes to navigation, pages, products or simple layout of the site could not be changed without knowledge of WordPress core files and hooks.

Widgetized Areas

New areas were created statically instead of with widgets, making future changes extremely difficult without knowledge of WordPress hooks.

Static vs Dynamic

One of the major issues throughout the site was how little it used WordPress’ built-in functionality. The navigation and even entire pages were built as static HTML.


eCom Feeds

I used WP All Import and Export to create feeds that controlled stock on the site and fed out to their eBay and Amazon store fronts.

Graphic Design and Product Photography

Nearly all graphics for the site were created by myself. A few were provided by manufacturers. Most of the pictures of the products already existed; however we set up a Foldio360 to take pictures of missing products.

Mobile Friendly

Cross-browser compatibility was checked on all three major browsers and over a dozen different devices. Graceful degradation was used as needed.

Product Category Slider

Product categories featured as the main navigation to the site and each one had its own image and link in the slider

Popular and Featured Products

Popular and featured products are featured on the home page. This allowed popular products to be found quickly and easily while the company was able to feature on-sale or high-profit margin products as well.

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