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You know what would be cool?

You know what would be cool?

How it works now:

You create your HTML file and then your CSS file. You link the two together through the tag in the header. Start coding your guts out, switching between the two to add classes and ID’s to the stylesheet as you go. Then, at the end, switch to CSS to style it. This may be a little bit different according to your workflow, but that’s how I get things done.

NOW imagine something like this. Go to File>New and create your HTML document. Easy Peasy. At the very start, link to your stylesheet. What’s that? You don’t have one created yet? Well, DreamWeaver can – and does – already tell you that. What if you want to take it to a new level? Have it automatically create the file for you in the directory you specified in the href of the link? Is this blowing your mind yet?

Hang on, cuz I’m not done yet…