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Around the time that Apple held it’s WWDC, a lot of people started getting really excited about the Apple TV that they thought would be launched. A lot of them were actually surprised that Apple didn’t launch the new one. Well, I’m among the many that isn’t too surprised. Personally, I’m not a fan of the Apple TV. I know I have a lot of Apple products, but I am by no means a “fanboy.” iTunes is bloated. The scrollwheel on the iPods was cool at the time, but now just cumbersome to use. The iTouch didn’t do anything new other than merge the existing technology of touch screen with an mp3 player. Not a fanboy. At all.

Here’s why I don’t like the Apple TV.

I have an HDTV at home. I love it. It’s connected to the internet wirelessly and has an internet browser, allows me to view HDTV (obviously) and HD movies/bluray, and 3D. But here’s the kicker: it has built in apps. Just like the Apple TV. So why is apply trying to push this to HDTV users? They already have this functionality built in to (most of) their TVs.

On the flip side, though, the Apple TV does have something going for it: Apple’s simplicity. But not with the TV; you see once you get the TV plugged in, set up and connected to everything else (sound system, gaming system, bluray ect), it’s pretty simple to use. On the TV itself, you have channels up and down, volume up and down and an input button to scroll through all the different inputs. The remote, however, is a completely different story. Check out the remote for my TV below:

WTH?? There’s so many buttons on there I would rather puke than try to pause the movie (good luck finding the pause button). Compare it to the (current) Apple remote:

Now, this simplicity is definitely¬†overkill (as in too simple, not too complex) for the task at hand. I really hope you don’t use the scroll wheel to channel surf, for example. But if they can take their classic simplicity and come up with a remote that controls my TV, sound system and my bluray player, I might just sell my current TV and get an Apple TV. Unless I can somehow get the remote to work with my current TV…