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Chad Farnes – Tape Artist

Chad Farnes is a school counselor based in the Salt Lake valley in Northern Utah. He studied art in college for a few years before switching to psychology. As you can tell from his works below, he is still busy in the art community and has been...

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It’s Science

Ever wonder how astronauts get crazy good shots of the Earth? How about at night, while it's moving? Turns out, they don't use tripods. Wait. Say what? Long exposures with a 400mm+ lens without a tripod? Yup. They can do that. All because of a little thing called...

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Use a Normal Remote to Control Apple TV

I have a certain pet peeve: TV remote controls. I don"t have cable, but I have my sound system, my TV and a PS3. Each one has it"s own remote. I understand that the PS3 has to have it"s own remote to play games, but what about the times when I just want to watch...

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