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I've been working for Lifetime Products this past year and it's been a ton of fun. They have been trying to get a new web design up for a while. I was hired in January and they had some style guides. My main job this past year has been to get the style guides approved...

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My First Images VS Current Images

I just imported every picture I've ever taken on a digital camera into Lightroom. I have to say, I have come a very long way. Check out the very first images I ever took on my own digital camera, a Canon SD 1000 (I know, nothing fancy) And...

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Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Why does it seem that a digital media person always needs new gear? And keep in mind, this stuff is NOT cheap. Depending on what field you're in (Graphics Design, Web Design, Photography, Video - either pre, production or post - Gaming or any other sector) it seems...

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Jimmy and Katie

I shot this using a Canon PowerShot SD1000. Best point and shoot I've ever used. Gratefully I wasn't the main photographer (as you can tell from the way no one is looking at me), but I found this today and decided to post it for two reasons:...

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Apple TV: Why I’m Not A Fan

Around the time that Apple held it's WWDC, a lot of people started getting really excited about the Apple TV that they thought would be launched. A lot of them were actually surprised that Apple didn't launch the new one. Well, I'm among the many that isn't too...

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Night Shots

This is something that I love to shoot, but I'm not very good at. 🙁 Provo has dozens of canyons surrounding it, so getting away from the lights is the easy part. It's a short 15-25 min drive to get up and away from everything, making for some...

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Photos for my Mother in Law

The year my wife and I got married, my sisters in law came out to visit us for Thanksgiving with her daughter. Since they were from Southern California, we took them to the snow. Before we left, we decided that for my mother in law's Christmas...

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UVU Wrestling vs Penn St.

Wrestling is a big deal to me. I grew up with 3 older brothers and all of them wrestled. I grew up and it was just the natural thing to do, mostly out of selfe defense, but also because it was fun. NOT because I was good at it. Because I...

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