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Google vs Twitter

Google vs Twitter

It seems that everywhere it goes, Google is running into competitors. Of course, that might be because it”s offering some of the best services out there for free. We have Google Docs, Voice, Books, and tons of other products that are usually paid for. Not to...

Good Idea Bad Idea

You remember that cartoon segment from Animaniacs called “Good Idea Bad Idea”? Yeah, I loved it too. In marketing, there are good ideas and bad ideas. Good idea: outsource work to a good, quality company. This saves time and money and it can greatly expand what you’re able to do with a project. If you are going to outsource, make sure to talk with the people that will be doing the work. If they are going to be writing articles for you, don’t have them publish it – that’s just asking for waaaay too much trouble. I had a client who recently had someone write and then publish them. Problem is, he doesn’t know where they are, what they say or if they even link to anything that is his. He doesn’t know how the quality of the article was, either, as he never saw it.

The Mormon SEO

I found this about a month ago. While I may be a little biased (I am LDS), this is an AMAZING breakdown of how the LDS church has done their SEO. Take it from these guys and apply it to your site; they know what they’re doing. Check out the article written by...