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The Mormon SEO

I found this about a month ago. While I may be a little biased (I am LDS), this is an AMAZING breakdown of how the LDS church has done their SEO. Take it from these guys and apply it to your site; they know what they’re doing. Check out the article written by...

Getting Ranked

K, so I”m a college football (BYU) fan, so when you start talking about rankings, my mind usually goes to the nations top 25 ranked college football teams. This is talking about your ranking with the search engines, which, depending on who you are might be more...

Customized META Description

The META description might not carry that much weight, but when you customize them, not only does it have the potential to make you stand out with Google, but it makes you stand out to the people searching as well. When there are millions of people selling the same thing you are, that’s pretty big.