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I shot this using a Canon PowerShot SD1000. Best point and shoot I’ve ever used. Gratefully I wasn’t the main photographer (as you can tell from the way no one is looking at me), but I found this today and decided to post it for two reasons:

  1. Jimmy happens to be my best friend. We grew up around the corner from each other and would always raise hell with either his parents or mine. Or both.
  2. I wanted to pat myself on the back. I’ved edited these now, so they look better, but that’s not saying much. Even after editing, I’m glad at the progress I’ve made in photography over the years (these are from 2008).

When I shot these, I had no intentions on ever becoming a professional photographer. I just liked taking pictures and figured it was something that I loved doing but wasn’t any good at. I’m glad that’s changed. Thank you to all of you that have had a hand in that: my wife (my biggest critic but also my biggest supporter) and the people who have enough faith in me to hire me. Thank you for letting me enjoy my hobby so much.

Sorry about the small size; like I said, I shot these on a PowerShot SD1000, so I had to shrink them down a bit.