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EmotionKayaks.com was anything but emotional. The redesign’s main focus was to trigger people’s emotions. We used on-location photos to let people see what the boats – and themselves – are able to do.

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Frontend Design, UI Design, Graphic Design, Web Design

Tools Used

ASP.net, HTML, CSS, OmniGraffle, PhotoShop, Responsive,

From clinical to original

Before the redesign, the site was dull and monotonous, with a very large emphasis on purple. Using on-location photos, we created a site that shows people what they are able to do with an Emotion Kayak.


Beautiful Images

Beautiful images were the focus of the redesign. The goal was to inspire what consumers could do with the boats and where the boats could take them.

Easy Navigation

The navigation was redesigned to focus on the main categories of the store, making it extremely easy to find products.


As this is a manufacturer’s site, there is no cart and no way to buy directly on the site. We tied into an existing database of dealers, however, allowing consumers to find the nearest place to purchase the products.

Help Build a Community

Community pages such as Catch of the Day, Show your Emotion and integration of paddling.com’s Where to Paddle focused on helping to build a community around Emotion Kayaks.

Mobile Friendly

Cross-browser compatibility was checked on all three major browsers and over a dozen different devices. Graceful degradation was used as needed.

Custom Blogging Platform

A custom CMS was created that allows multiple authors the ability to create content and a platform to share it on the blog.

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