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Lifetime.com Datavault

Datavault is an enterprise system of Lifetime products. After the lifetime.com was redesigned and the catalog creation tool was created, it was time to re-vamp the UI for their database.

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Front End Development, UI Design, Graphic Design, Web Design

Tools Used

asp.net, CSS, Photoshop, HTML, UI Design

Improved functionality with an improved design

I used the opportunity to improve the search functionality by including filters and a drop down search field with suggestions as well as adding much-needed features.
This started out as a simple project to have the enterprise site match the look and feel of the public-facing site, streamlining the brand to employees as well. I morphed into a project to add much-need functionality to the site. 

I improved the search functionality, used the technology we created in the catalog creation tool to create dynamic product product information PDFs, provided a space for marketing material and – of course – matched the styleguide of lifetime.com.

Dynamic Catalog Pages

Previously, all product information sheets – known as cat sheets – were static and required a long SOP to be followed if it needed to be updated. Given that all the information on the sheet was in the product information database, we used the technology we created with the catelog creation tool and made them dynamic, shortening the SOP and saving time and money.

Improved Search

Search filters were added to the side. The search box was updated to use a suggestion box. The page layout was changed. All these combined for a new and improved experience.

Images for Web & Print

The marketing department neeed a place to get all of the images for a particular product, both for print and web. I implemented a simple link to images, allowing them to find and use them for their marketing material.

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