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Front End Development

Lifetime Products Catalog Creation Tool

Lifetime Products had a very long and drawn out process for creating catelogs to bring to sales meetings. I brainstormed and created a tool that slashed the creation time and effort.

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Front end development, UI Design, graphic design, Enterprise tools, Print Design

Tools Used

HTML, CSS, ASP.net, PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator

Before this project, creating a sales catelog took upwards of three weeks with multiple people involved. I approached management from two departments and worked with them to create this web interface to streamline the process.
By using this new interface, salespeople can now log in and select which products they want to present to companies. It pulls in data and drops it into a pre-designed template, allowing the salesman to customize it for the client. It produces two PDF deliverables – one for a professional printer and another the salesperson can print and bring or email.

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