I have a certain pet peeve: TV remote controls. I don”t have cable, but I have my sound system, my TV and a PS3. Each one has it”s own remote. I understand that the PS3 has to have it”s own remote to play games, but what about the times when I just want to watch movies on it? I don”t want to have to break out the PS3 remote just to hit pause. This is actually such a pet peeve to me that I have avoided getting an Apple TV because of it (thought that”s not the only reason – the only function the Apple TV offers me over my PS3 is the ability to mirror my iPhone on the TV).

You can control your Apple TV with an infrared remote

That avoidance is about to change: it turns out that you can use a third party infra-red remote to control your Apple TV. And it”s not that hard to do. Go into settings and hit the Up button on the remote a couple times, along with the five other buttons that apple TV has (up up down down left right left… sorry, that”s something else; up, down, left, right, select and menu) and you”re good to go. But wait: it gets better! For those without a huge aversion to multiple remote controls laying around your house (I don”t know who would want that!) you can actually add multiple remotes. And you can change the configuration of a past remote that you”ve already set up. Pretty nifty, right?

Full instructions from Apple.com here.

Now if I can just figure out how to play my video games with my TV Remote… Guitarsmith and Rockband are both going to be killer…